• From December 10, Nine and Fairfax Media have merged into one business known as Nine.

    The combined business is now the largest listed media company on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), with a range of multi-platform assets across television, subscription video on demand, digital, print and radio. For further information head to:


    Fairfax Media Corporate Profile

    Fairfax Media

    Fairfax Media Limited [ASX:FXJ] is a leading multi-platform media company in Australasia. The group comprises metropolitan, rural, regional and community mastheads and serves its audiences through high-quality, independent journalism and offers dynamic venues for commerce and information.

    Corporate profile

    Fairfax Adcentre

    Advertise with us

    Fairfax Media attracts an engaged and valuable audience right across Australia. By providing the nation's highest quality content, we cater to Australians of all ages and dominate the valuable 'spending' audience. With leading edge innovation and flexible advertising solutions.


    Fairfax Media New Zealand Adcentre

    Fairfax Syndication

    Fairfax Syndication manages commercial licensing of Australia's most comprehensive collection of photos, articles, front pages and multimedia. Fairfax Syndication is also where consumers can order prints of our award-winning photography and current or historic front pages.

    Fairfax Syndication

    Fairfax Careers

    Careers at Fairfax

    Fairfax Media is an equal opportunity employer. We recruit professional, talented and skilled individuals across a variety of functions. If you are interested in joining our team, search our website for exciting career opportunities.

    Careers at Fairfax

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